[Jenkins-events] Sao Paulo meet-up: abstract of my talk

Kohsuke Kawaguchi kkawaguchi at cloudbees.com
Mon Nov 26 18:40:03 UTC 2012

For "Técnicas Avançadas de Integração Contínua com o Jenkins",

The abstract is ...

As the use of Jenkins grows inside an organization, people are automating
complex activities that need to be choreographed—such as deploying an
application, running a load test, cleaning up the environment, and then
handing over the build to the operation team. Such orchestration of
activities is a very useful building block for continuous delivery, a
practice promoted in recent years. While making individual steps (such as
test, deploy, build, etc.) automataed are relatively well-understood, the
same cannot be said about hooking them together efficiently. This session
looks at various patterns and plug-ins that deal with this kind of

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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