[Jenkins-events] Jenkins Meetup Sao Paulo 2012 Post-Mortem

Bruno P. Kinoshita brunodepaulak at yahoo.com.br
Tue Dec 4 08:54:14 UTC 2012

Hi all!

Last weekend we had Jenkins Meetup Sao Paulo, in Sao Paulo - Brazil. It was awesome, and yesterday I received a lot of positive feedback e-mails, yay! Thanks everyone who helped to make this event happen! 

Before the event, some participants from other states arrived, including one of the speakers. We had about 50-60 participants, and from what I can tell, near 1/4 came from other cities/states (Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre) to attend the event!

They really liked the T-Shirts with Jenkins butler and MASP, and some even asked me if we would sell them. Our initial idea was give T-Shirts to those who went to the drink-up, but we didn't get many people in the drink up. I suspect that this number was a in part due to USP location (no bars nearby, and it is illegal to drink alcohol and drink in Brazil), the number of people that had to take buses/flights back home  and the weather - it rained from ~5PM till ~8PM.  So we ended up giving T-Shirts to those who asked questions to the speakers.

Thanks to USP we had no problems with projector, audio, security or Internet (though the router had to be reset few times). They sent Rafael to help, and Nelson Lago to give a short introduction about the university Open Source department (thank you all :-).

We got a lot of new subscribers in Jenkins mailing list and @jenkins_br got new followers too. A lot of participants showed interest in more meetups like this. I'll try to organize more users meetups in local conferences (like TDC, FISL, etc) and will give out the rest of stickers that Kohsuke left with me (thanks!) and more T-Shirts. 

# What could have been better

- Some participants complained that it was hard to find IME-USP

- There were no places to buy food nearby. Although we had snacks, some people came from other states and hadn't had lunch yet. A few participants left the event earlier to find a place to eat :-(

# Actions

- Gather the presentations, github repos, pictures and videos to post in the mailing list

Thank you all again for you help, and thank you Kohsuke, for being so simple and nice with everyone and for the presentation with Jenkins in Portuguese :o) 

All the best, 

Bruno P. Kinoshita

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