[Jenkins-events] Jenkins bobble-heads

Russ Tremain russt at releasetools.org
Sat Mar 30 02:18:31 UTC 2013

Here is my feedback:

I would prefer to not receive marketing spam on these lists, esp. 
those with several MB of attachments.


At 5:03 PM -0700 3/29/13, Alyssa Tong wrote:
>Hi All,
>CloudBees is considering a limited-edition of Jenkins bobble-heads 
>that our company will use at JUC.  what action/movement would you 
>like to see Jenkins to be doing? (see samples)
>Another option might be to use these as the JUC giveaway. Which 
>would you rather have? Jenkins bobble-head or t-shirt?
>thanks in advance for your feedback.
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