[Jenkins-events] QR code on name tags

Kohsuke Kawaguchi kkawaguchi at cloudbees.com
Tue Oct 29 22:20:49 UTC 2013

How does eventbrite currently help you print out the name tags? Does it 
generate a printable PDF for you?

On 10/29/2013 12:39 PM, Alyssa Tong wrote:
> Eventbrite does offer personalized QR code for each attendees, the QR
> code is on the confirmation letter that attendees print out and bring to
> us at checkin. However, Eventbrite does not offer for that QR to be
> printed on the name badge. It would make perfect sense to combine the two.
> On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 12:19 PM, Kohsuke Kawaguchi
> <kkawaguchi at cloudbees.com <mailto:kkawaguchi at cloudbees.com>> wrote:
>     There was an off-list conversation about how to connect sponsors to
>     attendees.
>     The last year several people felt really mad about one of the
>     sponsors calling them up unsolicited, so this year we've added the
>     opt-out option. Then we've heard from sponsors that it got in the
>     way of connecting with people who they had good conversations in the
>     booth.
>     So the topic of QR code came up once again. Alyssa said this off-list:
>         I did give this some thought and also thought the QR code would
>         be the
>         most cost effective way to do this. My concern is that each QR code
>         would need to be specialized to each attendees w/ their specific
>         contact info...600 names can be a daunting task to do manually.  I'm
>         sure there's an app out there that can automate the set up
>         process..if
>         anyone has recommendation for an app pls let me know.
>     I haven't looked around carefully, but I'm pretty sure I can find a
>     library that generates a PNG image of the QR code for arbitrary payload.
>     So the only remaining question to me is, how to integrate that with
>     the current way Alyssa prepares name cards --- we need to insert the
>     QR code image en-mass.
>     I suspect generating HTML would be the easiest. The layout will
>     probably be imprecise, but I don't think it'll be an issue.
>     Alternatively, maybe we can hack up a quick PDF generation with a
>     library like [1] and that'd give all the control we need with more
>     room for extension?
>     [1] http://pdfbox.apache.org/
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