[Jenkins-events] JUC 2014 (Bay Area): Taking your suggestions

Alyssa Tong atong at cloudbees.com
Tue Dec 10 20:36:22 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I know that JUC 2013 was only less than 2 months ago and i'm already
thinking about JUC 2014 :o)

I've received the following suggestions for JUC 2014:

   - Have an unconference
   - Have a individual track for hacking (perhaps 1/2 day be for beginners
   with tutoring from more advanced users, and the other half for more
   advanced users)
   - Panel discussion

I'd like to get feedback from the community as to what you feel would be
helpful to have at JUC 2014.  Pls note that due to budget, we will need to
keep the conference to a 1 day event, unless a sponsor is willing to step
up to offer an additional venue for day 2, that's if we decide 2 days is

So feedback is needed for the following:

   - what would you like to see at JUC 2014
   - If we have an unconference, what categories would you like to see?
   - suggestions for swag. Should we continue with tshirts or offer
   something else?
   - suggestions for venue(s)
   - If your company has a conference room to host a day for hackathon, pls
   let me know.

We strive to improve the JUC experience and offer value to the Jenkins
community. Your feedback and input is greatly appreciated.

We will discuss this topic at tomorrow's IRC meeting, pls join us.

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