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Alyssa Tong atong at cloudbees.com
Fri Jan 31 00:46:22 UTC 2014

Hi All,

Last year, many said they couldn't attend the Jenkins User Conference in
Palo Alto due to costs (travel expenses).  This year, we've decided to add
JUC East Coast (US), and Germany in addition to JUC Israel and California.
Please see conference dates below, we are working on nailing down exact
dates, pls note that some of these dates may change. With that said, the *Call
for Papers*<http://www.cloudbees.com/forms/jenkins-user-conference-call-papers.cb>is
officially open. If you have suggestions for topics and themes please
share your ideas.

I would also like to know  where on the East Coast would be the most
central location, that would be convenient and accessible travel wise for
our attendees or if any one know which city on the East Coast has the most
Jenkins users as that can help determine which city to hold the conference.
Some cities that were suggested are Washington DC, Orlando, Philly, Boston.
Any thoughts on these cities?

WRT sponsorship, I know that Lisa has been hard at work putting together
the 2014 sponsor packages. If you're interested in sponsoring at any of
these events pls contact Lisa Wells
(lwells at cloudbees.com). FYI, last year's sponsorship packages were taken up
very fast, space is limited.

*JUC 2014*

   - JUC Berlin, Germany [June 5]
   - JUC US East Coast [June]
   - JUC Israel [tbd - previous years has been in July]
   - JUC California [October]

*Call for Papers Deadline*

   - JUC Berlin, Germany [March 30, 2014]
   - JUC US East Coast [ March 30, 2014]
   - JUC Israel [ March 30, 2014]
   - JUC California [July 13, 2014]

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback.

Alyssa & the OC
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