[Jenkins-events] Jenkins User Conference 2014

Christopher Orr chris at orr.me.uk
Sun Feb 2 12:39:21 UTC 2014

Hi all,

In my Cologne-biased opinion, I agree that it's a city very central 
within (western) Europe and is easily reached by plane/train/automobile 
for a *lot* of people.
But I can also understand that Berlin is also a very well-served 
destination, and is presumably a cheaper place for people to stay, and 
it may well have the largest software dev population in Germany (as for 
*Jenkins user count*, I have no idea).

But I think so long as we're talking about a European Jenkins 
conference, i.e. it's not being marketed as Germany-specific, then I 
think the city itself shouldn't be a big issue.  I can think of people 
working in the UK and Ireland, for example, who would likely travel to 
an easily-reachable city for a good Jenkins user conference.


On 02/02/2014 12:07 PM, Michael Hüttermann wrote:
> Hi,
> Fred's question is a very good one.
> Best regards
> Michael
>> Alyssa Tong <atong at cloudbees.com> hat am 1. Februar 2014 um 17:14 geschrieben:
>> Hi Fred,
>> The date may change :o)
>> The thought is that Berlin is easily accessible for those coming from
>> outside of the city.
>> Where would you say has the bulk of sw engineers?
>> thanks,
>> alyssa
>> On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 4:51 AM, FredG <fred.gurr at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Alyssa,
>>> Good to hear that there will be a JUC in Berlin on June 5h.
>>> Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, because I'm on vacation in the
>>> first week of June.
>>> Just out of curiosity, what made Berlin win over Cologne as the location?
>>> Regards,
>>> Fred
>>> On Friday, January 31, 2014 1:46:22 AM UTC+1, Alyssa Tong wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> Last year, many said they couldn't attend the Jenkins User Conference in
>>>> Palo Alto due to costs (travel expenses).  This year, we've decided to add
>>>> JUC East Coast (US), and Germany in addition to JUC Israel and California.
>>>> Please see conference dates below, we are working on nailing down exact
>>>> dates, pls note that some of these dates may change. With that said, the
>>>> *Call
>>>> for
>>>> Papers*<http://www.cloudbees.com/forms/jenkins-user-conference-call-papers.cb>is
>>>> officially open. If you have suggestions for topics and themes please do
>>>> share your ideas.
>>>> I would also like to know  where on the East Coast would be the most
>>>> central location, that would be convenient and accessible travel wise for
>>>> our attendees or if any one know which city on the East Coast has the most
>>>> Jenkins users as that can help determine which city to hold the conference.
>>>> Some cities that were suggested are Washington DC, Orlando, Philly, Boston.
>>>> Any thoughts on these cities?
>>>> WRT sponsorship, I know that Lisa has been hard at work putting together
>>>> the 2014 sponsor packages. If you're interested in sponsoring at any of
>>>> these events pls contact Lisa Wells
>>>> (lwe... at cloudbees.com). FYI, last year's sponsorship packages were taken
>>>> up very fast, space is limited.
>>>> *JUC 2014*
>>>>      - JUC Berlin, Germany [June 5]
>>>>      - JUC US East Coast [June]
>>>>      - JUC Israel [tbd - previous years has been in July]
>>>>      - JUC California [October]
>>>> *Call for Papers Deadline*
>>>>      - JUC Berlin, Germany [March 30, 2014]
>>>>      - JUC US East Coast [ March 30, 2014]
>>>>      - JUC Israel [ March 30, 2014]
>>>>      - JUC California [July 13, 2014]
>>>> Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Alyssa & the OC
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