[Jenkins-events] [Jenkins] Question about Unreliable slave plugin

WeiQin MA WMa2 at slb.com
Wed Jun 25 01:38:20 UTC 2014

Dear experts,

I'm interested in Unreliable slave plugin, and I have some questions.

Plugin description: This plugin creates statistic about failed jobs which failed on slave and after configured count of failures try slave reconnect of put offline and send notification
My question is: what's the meaning of "try slave reconnect of put offline"? how to use this plugin?

I have installed the plugin, if I configure it as following from Manage Jenkins > Configure System, does it mean:
When 5 jobs failed on one slave, Jenkins will offline the slave and send email to wma2 at slb.com<mailto:wma2 at slb.com>, is my understanding correct?

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Thanks & Best Regards

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