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Alyssa Tong alytong13 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:09:50 UTC 2014

Hi All,

JUC Israel
a day away (July 16) and the event is sold out at 421 attendees. This is an
additional +120 attendees since last year + sold out 1 wk prior to the

We are in the process of planning for JUC SF 2014, CFP closed yesterday,
July 13. Thank you to all those who submitted.

To give you a sneak peek of 36 impressive submissions received so far
(titles only [1]). Pls note, if you've made submission(s) and your title is
not listed below.. no worries, we'll get the comprehensive list before we
send the final list to the review committee. Our JUC review committee [2] has
their work cut out for them this week :


   - Integrated build with Jenkins, vagrant, selenium-grid.
   - Building Enterprise Level End-To-End Monitoring System using Open
   Source Solutions
   - Automating Performance Testing
   - CI Monkey
   - When Jenkins meet Docker
   - Being Productive on Distributed teams: the Liferay way
   - Self service
   - The Three Pillars of Continuous Delivery: Culture, Tooling & Practices
   - FIFA Gameplay Automated Testing with Jenkins
   - Automated Acceptance Testing: How to script test cases that reduce
   performance regressions
   - Working Smarter Through Jenkins
   - Using Jenkins to maximize Capital equipment use
   - Using Jenkins to monitor your service
   - Building applications with Salesforce Dependencies
   - Challenges in cutting edge CI
   - Using Jenkins to build Apache VHosts for GitHub Pull Requests on PHP
   - Jenkins enabling agility & efficiency
   - Zero to CD: How we built our continuous delivery pipeline with Jenkins
   - How to build a Jenkins DB add-on the WRONG way :)
   - WF Tools FTW @ Pfizer
   - Dr. Jenkins M.D. at your service: An overview of Jenkins at Cerner
   - Automation, Innovation and Continuous Delivery
   - Jenkins driven Continuous Delivery
   - Jenkins Integration with Robot Framework and Jira (end-to-end
   - Continuous Delivery Cookbook: practical patterns and recipes from Yahoo
   - Hiding in Plain Sight: Unmasking the Jenkins DSL
   - Advanced workflows for multi-platform mobile development
   - RSpec: Github to jenkins to spot `instance parallelization and back
   - How to train your Jenkins? …to use your resources effectively and get
   more value for each buck spent on resources
   - On the Fast Track – Mobile CI Testing with Perfecto Mobile
   - Repeatable and Scalable Jenkins Integrations in the Cloud
   - Supercharged Configuration as Code: using the Jenkins API to control
   mass updates of JOB DSL
   - Beyond Continuous Delivery
   - Jenkins in a SOA enviroment
   - A journey introducing Jenkins to Enterprise IT
   - Help! Jenkins is down!

[2] JUC Review Committee Members. If you'd like to become a member of the
review committee, pls let me know:

   - Dean Yu
   - Kohsuke Kawaguchi
   - Bruno Kinoshita
   - Baruch Sadogursky
   - Nicolas De Loof
   - Gareth Bowles
   - Owen Mehegan

List of sponsors to date (in no specific order):

   - Yahoo
   - Serena
   - Soasta
   - Open Source Architects
   - Sauce Labs
   - Choose Digital
   - Blazemeter
   - JFrog
   - Ravello Systems
   - Zend
   - CloudBees
   - Black Diamond SW
   - XebiaLabs

Have an awesome week!

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