[Jenkins-events] Action Req'd: JUC 2015 CFP - Submission Form

Alyssa Tong atong at cloudbees.com
Thu Jan 8 01:41:25 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Happy 2015!

As discussed on the IRC today, I would like to get the JUC 2015 CFP out
asap. We all agree that additional information is needed to help during the
review process, but more importantly provide a worth while learning
experience for attendees.

Below are a few items i'm 'suggesting' be added to the CFP submission form.
   Pls feel free to add, delete any or all of it. I promise my feelings
won't get hurt :)
You can see here
has been asked in the past (in blue cells).

Pls provide your feedback by COB (PST) tomorrow. I would like to publish
the CFP page by Friday.


Current plan:

   - 2 days, 2 Tracks per day, 4 tracks total
   - Boston & London (June), SF (Oct), Israel (July) - this is only ETA

* Topic* (Select the most relevant to your proposal)

   - Best Practices
   - Performance Testing
   - Scalability
   - High availability
   - Mobile
   - Plugin development
   - ?
   - ?

*Sub Topic* ( do we want/need sub category? if so, what do you suggest?)

   - ?

*Session Type:*

   - 45 min presentation
   - 15 Lightning Talk


   - Non-technical
   - Beginner
   - Intermediate
   - Advance

*Prerequisite Knowledge for this Session*
Describe what skills and knowledge attendees need to have in order to get
the most from your presentation

   - will provide a text box for response.

*Is this session more conceptual or how-to?*

   - Conceptual
   - How-to

*Public Speaking Experience*
(Video clips of the speaker will count favorably toward your proposal.
Quality of the video will not matter but the quality of the speaker will.
If you don't already have a video, create a short 2-3 min video on youtube
and send us the link.)

   - Provide video URL

*Additional Notes*
Any other information you would like the program committee to know?

   - will provide text box for response

Anything else need to be added to the form?

Thanks in advance,
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