[Jenkins-events] Bay Area JAM Kickoff Venue

Christopher Orr chris at orr.me.uk
Tue Aug 4 22:39:38 UTC 2015

Hi there,

On 04/08/15 17:37, Udaypal Aarkoti wrote:
> Sure. How about this? Feedback welcome.
> *Subject : Call to join Jenkins Area Meetup Kickoff *
> There are lots of people around the world using Jenkins and yet there
> isn't an obvious way for them to come together and share their
> experiences and learn about new and upcoming topics.

If people are interested in that stuff, searching for "continuous 
delivery" or "continuous integration" or similar throws up quite a lot 
of existing groups on meetup.com:

> The purpose of JAMs (similar to JUGs) is to promote meetups around the
> world. This kickoff is not only a kickoff to setup Bay Area JAM but also
> to help the extended Jenkins community all over the world to setup JAMs.
> We have volunteers from Paris, Spain, NY etc...

There's even an existing NYC Jenkins meetup group: 
http://www.meetup.com/NYC-Jenkins-Meetup/ -- or are those the people you 
talked to?

Just wondering: is the idea really to restrict this only to Jenkins, or 
would general talks on build/test automation/continuous 
integration/delivery meet the definition?

I ask since it seems like (in all but the largest cities) where there 
are meetup groups, it's quite hard to keep momentum going by constantly 
finding new topics and speakers on a semi-regular basis -- all the more 
so when the meetup topic is more niche.

> provide some guidelines so that JAMs are successful.

In any case, I'll be interested to hear the ideas and the outcome, as 
Fred G and I met up last month in Cologne and discussed something 
similar.. :)


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