[Jenkins-events] Proposal: revisiting JUC in 2016

Alyssa atong at cloudbees.com
Tue Oct 20 22:32:46 UTC 2015

@ James.  majority of the JUC West attendees were from California: San 
Francisco, San Jose , Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mt View, and Palo Alto. For 
JUC EU - London had the most attendees. Cambridge, Berlin, Dublin came in 
second but each of these cities had single digit attendees.

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 3:03:54 AM UTC-7, James Nord wrote:
> Taking off my cloudbees hat and putting on my old hat being based in 
> Europe.
> Getting approval to attend conferences abroad (outside Europe) for me was 
> not always easy - as it involves large travel and time lost due to this. 
>  As such it was easier to go to a european conference.   I also feel that 
> yes you get more people in USA-CA but that this could just a critical mass 
> and a direct result of its much easier to go to something local than it is 
> to travel 9 hours around the globe.  Do you have stats of where people came 
> from in the last even - where they predominantly from the bay area?
> In the London event I met people that where very basic users of Jenkins 
> (just starting) and it was easy for them to go to a local conference. 
>  Would these same users make the same investment to go somewhere accross 
> the globe - I personally don't think so - which would be a big shame.
> The JAMs fill a gap - but I'm not sure that this gap is filled yet - or 
> that it will be filled by next year  - certainly there is nothing in the UK 
> that I know of - and even then we would need something based in the north 
> west as well as somewhere around London.
> On Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 4:51:39 AM UTC+2, Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:
>> Putting my CloudBees hat on, I'd like to discuss the following proposed 
>> changes to the events in 2016, where we are moving away from JUC into a new 
>> model.
>> https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Proposal+-+Revisiting+JUC+in+2016
>> I put this up for the project meeting agenda in 1.5 week, but I hope to 
>> get discussions going well before that.
>> -- 
>> Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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