[Jenkins-events] which logo do you like best?

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Tue Dec 15 03:14:48 UTC 2015

On 14.12.2015, at 20:17, Alyssa Tong <alytong13 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Planning is underway for Jenkins World 2016 in Santa Clara, CA. This will be a three days Jenkins conference for 2016.  I wanted to solicit feedback for the new Jenkins World logo.  Attached are some options to choose from, let us know which logo you like best and if you have better pls do share.

6 is an interesting one, but needs some finishing, like added shading, possibly slightly smaller arm and hand size, and a larger brush for the crease.


FWIW I though it'd be interesting how a "2" with globe would look like, see attached. I don't think it's usable as is (colors are too close), but someone who actually knows what they're doing may be able to better implement this idea?

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