[Jenkins-events] [vJAM] - Next meetup - Jenkins contribution 101?

Oleg Nenashev o.v.nenashev at gmail.com
Thu May 19 19:51:49 UTC 2016


I wanted to follow-up on the second online meetup. Since we have newcomers
in the project (GSoC students, new plugin devs), it may be useful to
conduct a Jenkins Development 101 meetup.

I would propose to conduct a meetup and repeat presentations from
Hacksgiving and other intro presentations in order to minimize preparation

Possible talks:

   - (?) - Top-level community overview
      - I have some slides for it, but may be a subject for a Jenkins board
      - Steven - Plugin development
   - Tyler - jenkins.io - Writing blogposts and documentation
   - Daniel - Stapler
   - Tom(?) - new JavaScript-based UI development flow
   - Oleg(?) - Test Automation in Jenkins Project
   - All - Q&A Session

What do you think? Maybe we could conduct such event on the first/second
week of June.

Thanks in advance,
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