[Jenkins-events] [Jenkins Online Meetup] - Security strategies

Oleg Nenashev o.v.nenashev at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 23:02:08 UTC 2017

Hi Alyssa,

I would like to schedule the meetup about security plugins in Jenkins in
March or April. I would like to be a speaker there in order to present the
Ownership-based strategy. It would be an extended version of my demo at
Jenkins World, which will cover Ownership, Job Restrictions, Role Strategy,
Authorize Project and Security Inspector plugins.

I am also pretty sure I will be able to find the second speaker for the

Would you be fine if I start communicating with speakers in order to
schedule this meetup? If yes, are there any preferred dates? I am pretty
sure we will do the Online meetup around the Blue Ocean release, but maybe
you have other days in mind.

Thanks in advance,
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