[Jenkins-fosdem] How many stickers and other materials should we bring?

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Mon Jan 9 18:39:37 UTC 2012

On Mon, 09 Jan 2012, Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:

> Stickers are small and light, so I say you should bring plenty and
> just bring back the left over.
> Right now I have about 300, and I think you got 50 that I gave you.
> And we got SCALE10x and FOSDEM, and I have another trip to Tokyo next month.
> I think we can do with what we have. I'll bring everything to
> SCALE10x, we count how many we spend there, and it should still have
> enough lead time till Tokyo trip.

What happens if/when we run out of stickers at SCALE10x? I guarantee we will
with only 350. I'm not sure that's enough time to have new ones made in time
for my trip to FOSDEM.

> I think it'd be good to have a monitor and a laptop on the stand for
> a demo. Another idea is blank CLAs to encourage people to sign them.
> And we should try to launch Jenkins CIA. We might be able to recruit
> some agents.

If we want to make some agents at FOSDEM then I think we'll want to send them
off with a pack of stickers too, raising our count requirement ;)

What's the unit price for stickers being made and the turn around time?

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