[Jenkins-fosdem] Attached Jenkins event in Paris

Kohsuke Kawaguchi kkawaguchi at cloudbees.com
Thu Jan 12 20:52:49 UTC 2012

Resent, since the previous one apparently went into a moderation queue.
Maybe I registered from this address?

It turns out that I can go to FOSDEM in the last minute. Given that and 
Tyler being in Europe, I thought it'd be great if we can get a few more 
things done while we are there.

Nicolas kindly looked into possibilities, and I understand that there's 
an opportunity to do a meet-up (and possibly even a hackathon) on the 
Monday following FOSDEM in Paris.

As you know, we have a number of Jenkins gangs in France, and there's a 
lot of value in getting to know people in the community.

I'm obviously going, but I thought it'd be great if Tyler and others can 
join. From Brussels to Paris is about 90 minutes by Thalys.

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