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Dear FOSDEM stand holders,

This email contains a lot of practical information, please read it
until the end.

You will be located in the K building, on the second floor.

Attached (Kniv2_stands.jpg) is an image of the ground plan. Note that
this is just a draft; the scale of the tables is an estimate and the
spacing between stands is somewhat arbitrary.

We've assigned the stand places as such:
1. MySQL
2. AOO
3. Perl
4. Perl
5. Jenkins
6. Eclipse
7. LibreOffice
8. LibreOffice
9. MongoDB
10. Puppet
12. Postgres
13. Postgres
14. BSDs
15. BSDs
16. BSDs
17. Jabber-realtime
18. Jabber-realtime
19. Jitsi
20. Jitsi 09

If you would prefer to be closer to another stand, or if you have any
other questions or requests just contact us!

A number of people have been asking for a shipping address.
I'm afraid we don't have any presence on the campus except for during
FOSDEM, so we can not provide you with a shipping address.

Please try to make your own shipping arrangements, but should you
really really have no other option then do mail us.

Build-up can start from 9:00 on Saturday. Visitors will start passing
by slowly around 10-11, it will be at full speed by 13:00 (end of

There is an overnight storage room in the H and K building. You can
also leave stuff in the building overnight (buildings close), but we
can not 'guard' the hallways on Sunday morning. We can also not
provide any insurance or take responsibility in case of damage or
theft. We do have security staff on campus at all times.

Sunday starts around 9:00-10:00 and the tear-down starts at 18:00. By
19:00 the latest you should have cleared out so we can start cleaning.

We provide a limited number of table-cloths, but you are more than
welcome to provide any on your own, especially if you have something
like a banner for your project.

We will provide you with power sockets (*) but if you have a couple of
extension cables, we recommend you do bring them along if possible.

(*) note that Belgium uses type E sockets:
If you need any adapters, make sure to bring them along as we cannot
provide you with any ourselves.

High-speed Internet uplink will be provided by means of WiFi
everywhere. If you have a device that requires a wired ethernet
connection you should take a bridge device with you.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at
stands at fosdem.org

Thank you for your participation and see you in Brussels soon : )

Kind regards,

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- R. Tyler Croy
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