[Jenkins-fosdem] Draft for Jenkins flyer/brochure

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Mon Jan 14 06:08:51 UTC 2013

On Sun, 13 Jan 2013, Fred wrote:

> Hi,
> To get the discussion started, here is a first draft that I put together.
> https://github.com/fredg02/jenkins-flyer/blob/master/JenkinsFlyer_concept2.pdf?raw=true
> Format is half the width of DIN A5 (not sure what the equivalent US
> format is). The left side would be the front, the right side the
> back (not folded). Four flyers would fit on a DIN A4 sized page
> (double sided printing).
> It should be printed on thick paper or thin cardboard.
> The resolution of the "Fork me on github" banner and the blue
> bulletin points is too low for the final product, but good enough
> for the draft.

Here are my notes/suggestions:

  * "Fork me banner" I think should be on the left side of the left column "/"
    instead of "\"
  * In the "Stats", I think it's safe to say "Over 500 contributors" (we're at
    498, but we'll surely be at 500 by FOSDEM :)). I also think that this
    should be the second stat, in order of importance I would rank contributors
    above install base, but that might just be me :)
  * I don't think you need the "Screenshot" title above the screenshot, it's
    pretty clear what it is (IMO). I also think you could use a more zoomed in
  * IRC: the channel is "#jenkins" not "#jenkinsci"

In general I think anywhere there is an HTTP(s) address, it might be more
visually distinct to drop the "http://" and make the URL a blue link color,
e.g. "github.com/jenkinsci"

With regards to the fold, I'm not sure how this would work, if you folded down
the middle, you would have a flyer that opens (left to right) up to a blank middle section,
with content on the front and back? Perhaps I'm not understanding how they
would look printed

Overall, I really like it, it's nice and compact. Well done :)

- R. Tyler Croy
    Code: https://github.com/rtyler
 Chatter: https://twitter.com/agentdero
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