[Jenkins-fosdem] Draft for Jenkins flyer/brochure

Christopher Orr chris at orr.me.uk
Tue Jan 15 01:18:37 UTC 2013

Hi Fred,

Nice work.

On 01/15/2013 01:28 AM, Fred wrote:
>> With regards to the fold, I'm not sure how this would work, if you
>> folded down
>> the middle, you would have a flyer that opens (left to right) up to a
>> blank middle section,
>> with content on the front and back? Perhaps I'm not understanding how
>> they
>> would look printed
> I thought about a folded flyer with four pages, but I guess it's better
> to keep it short and simple. I remember mhuettermann also suggesting
> less text.
> Here is the Jenkins flyer in action:
> https://raw.github.com/fredg02/jenkins-flyer/master/jenkinsFlyerPreview.gif
> As long as the printer can do double-sided printing and lines up the
> front and back accurately, it's easy to produce four flyers on one sheet
> of paper. The sheet of paper just needs to be cut in four stripes.

Nice demo.  But that printing sounds like a difficult (or at least more 
expensive) thing to do.  And would require more expensive paper or 
cardboard, like you mentioned.

I think it would be easier/cheaper/more-foldable-and-pocketable on A5 
paper (single-sided in colour).  But then I have exactly zero experience 
of printing something like this, so I could well be talking nonsense...

> https://github.com/fredg02/jenkins-flyer/blob/master/JenkinsFlyer_concept3_print.pdf?raw=true

Anyway, the content looks good.  The blue ball bullet points are 
awesome.  You could maybe move them further to the left to give a bit 
more room on the right?

Probably "Fork Jenkins on GitHub: github.com/jenkinsci" isn't useful, as 
not many people fork Jenkins itself -- they write plugins.  Maybe just 
put that GitHub URL in the last section with the other links?

I'd like to see some examples of plugins, as mentioning 600 plugins 
without any context isn't super useful. e.g. "Git, SVN, IRC/email 
notification, code analysis, EC2..."

I'm not really interested in mentioning a bunch of non-core stuff (e.g. 
BuildHive and CloudBees), but I don't have big objections.

Oh, and the "Features" heading is boring.  It should be called "Automate 
everything!" :D

Yours bikesheddingly,

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