[Jenkins-fosdem] Draft for Jenkins flyer/brochure

Christopher Orr chris at orr.me.uk
Wed Jan 16 01:58:22 UTC 2013

On 01/16/2013 02:44 AM, Fred wrote:
> OK. Next try. :)
> https://github.com/fredg02/jenkins-flyer/blob/master/JenkinsFlyer_concept4.pdf?raw=true

Why are we both awake at this time? :)

Anyway, looks great!  Nice Inkscaping!

Since there's a wee bit of free space at the end of "Easy integration 
with your app stack (Ruby, Python, nodes.js, etc.)" we could maybe 
mention the other more popular languages (according to the Jenkins survey).
e.g. "(Java, C, C++, JS, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, etc.)"

Finally, since someone mentioned it's worth publicising BuildHive as an 
example of a TravisCI alternative, it looks like there could be space 
above/below the Jenkins Enterprise link.  We could call that section 
"Jenkins Hosting"(?) and mention BuildHive and Enterprise there?
(Yeah, despite what I said about commercial links yesterday :))


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