[Jenkins-fosdem] Sticker status?

Kohsuke Kawaguchi kkawaguchi at cloudbees.com
Sun Jan 20 21:09:14 UTC 2013

I'm back to San Francisco now. Will be leaving Wednesday.

I suppose I should be able to ship them to my hotel at Brussels. I'll check
with the hotel, but if it doesn' work, is there anyone willing to receive
the shipment from me? If so, please send me the address ASAP.

This time my luggage is already quite heavy with the recording gear and
additional visits around FOSDEM, so I don't want to carry them with me if I
can avoid it.

I have 900 on hand now. I'm going to ship as many as I can in the USPS
international express envelope, which is probably around 400. I'll carry
another 200 or so with me, but I expect about 100 of them to disappear on
my way to FOSDEM.

If you don't think 500 is enough, I can put everything I have in the $78
flat rate box, and we should have about 800 on site. I just feel that the
shipping cost is expensive.

2013/1/20 R. Tyler Croy <tyler at monkeypox.org>

> If I'm not mistaken, Kohsuke is already on the old continent, and I'm
> wondering
> if anybody knows the status of our sticker supply?
> Last year we went through quite a few, and I'm hoping we have plenty. If
> not
> we'll need to order more immediately.
> - R. Tyler Croy
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Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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