[Jenkins-fosdem] Jenkins developer meet-up @ FOSDEM: call for agenda / mini-presentation

Vojtech Juranek vjuranek at redhat.com
Thu Jan 31 09:33:24 UTC 2013

>  - call for action (?): we need to make things easier for new users

just an idea: would it be more easy to start with Jenkins if we provide 
something like Fedora spins [1]? E.g. Jenkins for Ruby development (Jenkins 
core bundled with Ruby plugins), Python development etc.

> ... but I'd rather have multiple people speak than myself, so please be
> encouraged to share your thoughts!

- proposals for UI changes II (UI changes were greatly appreciated by our 
users, IMHO we should continue with it, at least ask users, what to change so 
they can work with Jenkins more effectively)

[1] http://spins.fedoraproject.org/

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