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Thu Dec 17 00:00:33 UTC 2015

FOSDEM Fringe 2016

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Event: Jenkins 2.0 Contributor Summit 

Coordinator: R Tyler Croy
Coordinator email: tyler at monkeypox.org

    'Jenkins 2.0 Contributor Summit':
        location: Brussels
        start: 2016-02-01
        end: 2016-02-01
        cost: Free
        registration: RSVP by Jan 29
        website: http://www.meetup.com/jenkinsmeetup/events/227463345/
        contact: fosdem at lists.jenkins-ci.org

Description of event:
We've been doing several "summits" The idea is to gather a number of people who are contributing to Jenkins alongside active/serious users, and have a deep active two-way discussions around the theme of the summit. Instead of the usual "I speak and everyone listens" conferences. This is the first European version of the summit series, co-located with FOSDEM.

Every summit has a theme that's big enough that can fit a lot of different topics in it, and the theme for this summit is "Jenkins 2.0".

Why should it be listed as part of FOSDEM Fringe?
The FOSDEM community has a number of passionate Jenkins users, we meet them at the stand every year, but with all the content associated with the 30th/31st there simply isn't any time to have deep conversations around Jenkins. With Jenkins 2.0, we have one of the first *major* releases we've done as a community coming up, and we want the free and open-source developers around FOSDEM to participate in that

Any further information:

Kind Regards,
FOSDEM Fringe team

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