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Subject: Practical information regarding FOSDEM stands
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Dear Tyler,

This email contains a lot of practical information. Please read it

Your stand will be located on the second level of the K building.

Attached is an image of the ground plan. Note that this is just a
draft; the scale of the tables is an estimate and the spacing between
stands is somewhat arbitrary.

We've assigned the stand places as follows:

K building, second level

1.      Kolab and Roundcube
2.      libreOffice
3.      Apache OpenOffice
4.      Perl Programming Language community
5.      Perl Programming Language community
6.      Python
7.      MySQL
8.      Ilumos
9.      Nixos
10.     DouDouLinux
11.     Agora
12.     Jenkins
13.     Eclipse
14.     openUI5
15.     ElasticSearch
16.     Google Summer of Code
17.     Realtime
18.     Realtime
19.     Jitsi
20.     Jitsi
21.     Matrix

Do not under any circumstances ship anything directly to ULB or to the
mail address of FOSDEM. We have no storage space in either location and
your shipment is more than likely to be lost if you send it there.

If there are things you need to ship ahead, and there is really no
possibility to arrange with someone local to receive your shipment,
contact us, and we will see what we can do. We will not accept any
shipments that we have not agreed on beforehand.

Build-up starts from 9:00 on Saturday. Visitors will start arriving
around 10-11, and you can expect it to be properly busy by 13:00 (end of
the keynotes). The Saturday program ends at 19:00; you're expected to be
out of the building at that time.

For the night between Saturday and Sunday, there are overnight storage
rooms in the H and K buildings. You can also leave stuff at your stand
overnight; the buildings will be closed overnight, but we cannot guard
the hallways on Sunday morning. We also cannot provide any insurance or
take responsibility in case of damage or theft. We do have security
staff on campus at all times.

Sunday starts around 9:00-10:00 and the teardown starts at 17:00. All
stand holders are expected to help clean up the area around their stand,
and the tables and table cloths should be returned to the collection
point by the stand holders. Your stand area should be cleared and
cleaned up and the tables returned to the collection point by 17:30.

We provide a number of table cloths, but you are more than welcome to
provide any on your own, especially if you have something like a banner
for your project.

We will provide you with a power socket. If you require more than
one, please bring extension cables. Note that Belgium uses type E
sockets: http://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/
If you need any adapters, make sure to bring them along.

High-speed Internet uplink will be provided by means of WiFi everywhere.
If you have a device that requires a wired ethernet connection, bring a
bridge device with you.

Please respect all emergency exits, fire extinguishers and other safety
material. They will be marked-off by tape on the floor; we kindly ask
that you help us keep them accessible.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at
stands at fosdem.org

Thank you for your participation and see you in Brussels soon!

Kind regards,

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Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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