[Jenkins-infra] Scheduled downtime of core Jenkins services

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Tue Nov 29 05:39:02 UTC 2011

Cause: Adding hardware to cucumber.jenkins-ci.org
Time: 2011.11.30 - 21:00 PST (05:00 UTC)
Duration: Uncertain
Effect: Major system downtime across multiple services

A NIC and riser card have arrived at the Contegix data center in St. Louis,
where the primary Jenkins server (cucumber) is located. The hardware is being
added to enable off-site backups provided by Contegix free-of-charge to the
Jenkins project.

Services which will likely be affected:

  * Anything using LDAP (wiki/issues/nexus/Jenkins-on-Jenkins/etc)
  * www.jenkins-ci.org
  * mirrors.jenkins-ci.org (secondary mirrors will still be online and unaffected)
  * ci.jenkins-ci.org
  * updates.jenkins-ci.org
  * native package repositories (excluding Solaris' IPS repo which is on another host I believe)

If you have any questions during the downtime, I will be reachable via IRC under `rtyler` in the #jenkins
channel on Freenode.

This will be one of two unfortunately necessary/major downtimes this week,
after we have the NIC installed and backups running smoothly, we will be
performing a major OS upgrade on the machine as well.

- R. Tyler Croy
    Code: http://github.com/rtyler
 Chatter: http://twitter.com/agentdero
          rtyler at jabber.org
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