[Jenkins-infra] update centers issues

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Wed Apr 25 16:19:14 UTC 2012

On Wed, 25 Apr 2012, Arnaud H?ritier wrote:

> Hi,
>   Yesterday I restarted jenkins, which was blocked with a memory error.
>   All jobs were blocks and especially update center jobs
>   Today I saw that there was also a problem.
>   Often it is an error while accessing to the maven index.
>   The issue I think is that we are launching exactly at the same time
> several update center jobs (stable, ..) and all of them are working with
> /tmp/maven-index/
>   Depending which job is going quicker there are always one dying because
> the content of this dir was changed when it tried to read it (and lucene
> doesn't like that :-) )

I'm assuming jieryn or kohsuke know something about these jobs because I don't
and am hesitant to change anything without a proper understanding :(

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