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Just so you guys know, we're going to have to take some downtime on cucumber.
Ideally we would also move some services off that machine by this time too.

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Dear R. Tyler Ballance (Cucumber) (Apricot), 

Thank you for trusting Contegix to be a valued partner in delivering your Internet presence. We take our responsibility to deliver seriously. It is at the heart of every relationship, every decision and led to the creation of our Go Beyond service philosophy. 

As part of our customer commitment, we made a strategic decision to perform a major upgrade of our data center infrastructure and core network. Our ability to provide Go Beyond service and support to our customers will be strengthened even further with this infrastructure upgrade. 

Today, we are excited to announce the completion of this endeavor and that we will be upgrading all customers to this new infrastructure. 

This upgraded data center infrastructure, located in the recently renovated Digital Realty Trust building in St. Louis, is the only N+2 rated facility in the region and provides the following benefits to our customers: 
· 18 MW of building load capacity delivered by 13.8 kV utility services 
· N + 1 backup power provided by a redundant 2500 kW generator 
· Multiple UPS modules configured in an N+1 redundancy 
· Energy efficient down flow CRAC units configured at N+2 redundancy 
· Redundant cooling towers & condenser water loop configured as N+1 
· Nearly unlimited power configurations for customer specialized equipment 

As mentioned, we have also upgraded our network with additional capacity and capabilities. 
· Network providers that include Verizon, XO, Level3, Hurricane Electric & Inteliquent 
· Faster connectivity and reduced hops to Europe, Asia, and Australia 
· Reduced bandwidth and cross connect costs 
· Increased redundancy of managed private networks 
· Faster managed backups and restorations 

What does this mean for you? In the coming weeks, we will be upgrading all of our customers. Each and every customer will receive the benefit of upgraded infrastructure, from equipment to facilities. 
It is important to note that a maintenance window will be needed to perform this upgrade. We have carefully planned this move to minimize any customer impact. 
Rest assured that your move has been carefully scheduled and we will work directly with you to ensure that any of your questions are addressed and all of your needs are met. 

What are the next steps? Your specific move details, along with my contact information, are listed below: 

Move Date: 7/20/2013 - 7/21/2013 
Move Window (Central): 10pm - 2am 
Additional Details: 
??? An IP Change is required. Your new IPs are: 
??? Since an IP change is required to complete the upgrade, we recommed creating an A Record that you can establish a CNAME Record for. Additional instructions for setting this up are attached. We recommend this be done prior to your move date to mitigate impact to your services. 
??? As a valued customer with colocated equipment, and as a way to minimize your impact during the migration, Contegix is offering you the option of moving your colocated equipment for you. Doing so will provide you with the following benefits: 
o You do not have to arrange to have a member of your organization onsite to assist with the move. At no additional charge, we will be your remote hands. 
o We will notify you when it is time to power down your equipment and again when it is time to restore services. 
??? If you wish to point your site(s) to a maintenance site during the migration, Contegix has made a generic maintenance site available at 
Additional Benefits: 
??? Upgraded backup infrastructure 
??? Upcoming new features like object storage and IPv6 
??? More flexibility for customers that have adhoc network requirements, hybrid environments containing colocated and managed infrastructure, etc???. 

As your Contegix Account Representative, I will contact you within 3 business days of receipt of this letter and will work with you to ensure the smoothest transition possible. 
Everyone at Contegix is excited about this next step in the company???s growth and we are proud to be able to bring you such a tremendous infrastructure upgrade. 


Amir Keric 
Account Executive | Contegix 
amir.keric at contegix.com 

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- R. Tyler Croy
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