[Jenkins-infra] I think we should fully move into the OSUOSL

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Mon Jun 10 02:24:36 UTC 2013

We have a distribution upgrade coming for all our servers, and I figure now is
a good time to discuss moving more services and potentially hardware into the
OSUOSL data center, if they'll host us.

The current services running on cucumber are:

 * Account App
 * Main site (Drupal)
    - www.jenkins-ci.org
    - meetings.jenkins-ci.org
    - updates.jenkins-ci.org
    - l10n.jenkins-ci.org
 * Mirror brain (download redirector)
 * Jenkins-on-Jenkins
 * Robobutler (IRC meeting bot)

I will try to come up with a proposal in time for this week's project meeting,
but I wanted to seed the members of infra@ with the idea first.

- R. Tyler Croy
    Code: https://github.com/rtyler
 Chatter: https://twitter.com/agentdero
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