[Jenkins-infra] Apache on cucumber. prefork vs multi-thread

Dean Yu dean.yu at gmail.com
Tue May 27 23:34:34 UTC 2014

Probably the main thing to be on the lookout for are whether Apache
modules you care about are safe to use with MT Apache, or if they assume a
pre-fork model.

  -- Dean

On 5/27/14, 4:18 PM, "Kohsuke Kawaguchi" <kk at kohsuke.org> wrote:

>What's the downside of changing Apache on jenkins-ci.org from pre-fork
>to multi-threaded one?
>In looking at mod_status output, I get the impression that apache
>processes spend a lot of time in reading, closing, or in keep alive state.
>The only way to handle them would be to increase the process pool size,
>but prefork means postgres connections would have to grow linearly, even
>though most of the time they are idle.
>It seems to me that we can serve far greater number of requests
>concurrently with smaller number of postgres connections if we use
>multi-threaded apache.
>Is that worth experimenting?
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