[Jenkins-infra] Created Jira user, didn't get PW and can't reset PW

Wald, Marius (M.) mwald at visteon.com
Mon Aug 17 09:30:38 UTC 2015

The third times the charm I guess ☺

Since my request to admin at jenkins-ci.org<mailto:admin at jenkins-ci.org> was not delivered I’ll try my luck with the Mail list.


Von: Wald, Marius (M.)
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 13. August 2015 14:02
An: 'admin at jenkins-ci.org' <admin at jenkins-ci.org>
Betreff: WG: [JIRA] Account created

Hi everybody,

I created an account but never received the eMail with a temporary password. Also requesting a password reset does not generate a new email.
I don’t see anything in the spam folder, therefore I’m not sure if the mail was send to me or not.

I hope you guys can help me here ☺


Von: noreply at jenkins-ci.org<mailto:noreply at jenkins-ci.org> [mailto:noreply at jenkins-ci.org]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 13. August 2015 08:34
An: Wald, Marius (M.)
Betreff: [JIRA] Account created

Unassigned created for you a JIRA account

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Marius Wald

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