[Jenkins-infra] Activation of mentions in Jira

Arnaud Héritier aheritier at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 20:57:18 UTC 2015


  A very useful feature in recent Jira versions is to mention others users
using a classical @xxxx (with autocompletion)
  On our instance it doesn't work. I studied a little bit the issue and
found that it is probably because our users (jira-users group) haven't the
browse users global permission (only jira-developers which has on kk in it)
  More details :

  I propose to reconfigure it to activate the feature tomorrow morning (CET
TZ) to see if our Jira instance supports it.

  If you have any negative feedback about this change (giving the ability
to browse users to all logged users) please tell it now...


Arnaud Héritier
Mail/GTalk: aheritier AT gmail DOT com
Twitter/Skype : aheritier
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