[Jenkins-infra] Slack for Jenkins project?

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Fri Jun 12 12:05:35 UTC 2015

On 12.06.2015, at 11:09, Richard Bywater <richard at byh2o.com> wrote:

> With IRC, of course, unless you leave a client connected all the time you can't really easily see and respond to previous discussions whereas with services like Slack/Hipchat/Flowdock/etc. the whole history is there to see.

#jenkins is logged at http://echelog.com/?jenkins ... sure, it's not as convenient, but it's not like we're really losing things.

KK is also currently setting up another logging service.

> as every time I go there its like a ghost town with a lot of nicks hanging around but no answers or talk :) (Wonders of being in the NZ timezone I guess...)

I don't see how introducing another channel would improve this.

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