[Jenkins-infra] Mirrors for Jenkins

Christopher Orr chris at orr.me.uk
Tue Mar 31 08:59:00 UTC 2015

Hi there,

On 25/03/15 14:48, William Hiller wrote:
> My name is Ray Sison, and I'm with Go-Parts.com. I'm writing to ask if
> you would be interested in hosting Jenkins on a free download mirror?

More mirrors are always a good thing, so thanks for the offer :)

But you're likely to get more attention by posting on the infrastructure 
mailing list (which I have CC'd in any case):

> Go-Parts is providing mirrors free of charge to software providers .
> As you know, hosting mirrors offer you and your users several benefits,
> including:
> - An always-on backup of the latest version of your software, should
> your main server ever go down
> - More bandwidth so that more users can download your program
> - Global access to high-traffic countries around the world
> - Greater security - In case your site is hacked or security is
> threatened, you'll always have a fresh, clean version of the program on
> the mirrored server(s)

In this hypothetical situation, as a mirror, you would have no idea 
whether the main site had been compromised, so you'd likely be serving 
possibly-compromised files anyway..?


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