[Jenkins-infra] INFRA-235: Request for rsync mirrors

Matt Darcy mdarcy.maillist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 15:25:44 UTC 2015


I raised an infra jira ticket request INFRA-235 to present an rsync mirror
containing at least the Jenkins RPM yum repository to the public internet.

this will allow people to make local copies of the repo and peer from each
other removing the need to access the Jenkins repos on the internet for
people with either large jenkins estates, or secure networks that cannot
have hosts directly accessing the internet.

There is already a legacy rsync service on pkg.jenkins-ci.org which from
discussions in the IRC channel is really only used for internal mirrors.

I'd like to discuss the possibility of extending that service (or creating
a new one) to allow people mirror the Jenkins rpms locally, and maybe even
increasing the scope to the plugins repo to allow people to mirror the
plugins they want to use locally for easy distribution.

There are valid concerns around the initial bandwidth/workloads hits on the
jenkins servers, but I do feel that offering a simple and well established
method to mirror these core jenkins components will allow people to build
peer repo syncs from each other (various projects such as mirrorservice
would be easy to engage also).
Layer 2 peers could be controlled with access lists very easy so the
Jenkins infrastructure management would need to approve someone mirroring
directly from them, otherwise it would be up to someone to mirror from a
layer 2 peer, and thus help create the peer network while removing
performance risks from the jenkins-ci.org infrastrcture

I've hit this issue a few times on Jenkins projects, but it' the first time
I thought it wise to perhaps discuss and address it.

I'm happy to offer my services to help make this happen if possible, if
that means hands on help, engaging with mirror providers to help setup the
peering etc.

As requested in the IRC channel I've raised this on the mailing list.


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