[Jenkins-infra] Domain name transfer of jenkins.io to SPI

Joerg Jaspert joerg at debian.org
Fri Oct 16 15:48:30 UTC 2015

On 14095 March 1977, Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:
> Fabio is the owner of the "jenkins.io" domain, and he agreed to transfer
> that domain over to SPI.

Thats good news.

> If you would kindly guide us through the process, that'd be greatly
> appreciated.

Right, thats simple enough. Do you also need nameservers run by SPI (you
can modify zones using git), or is it "just" the domain and you run your
own nameservers?

I've not yet taken over a .io domain, so don't know the exact steps
involved, so speaking from knowing com/net/org/de/eu/... ones:

 - the domain must be transferable (ie. no locks like com/net/org have)
 - the domain shouldn't expire within the next 4 weeks
 - someone who, in time, answers the request for transfer

and besides that we need the zonedata (if you want SPI to run the
nameservers) or the list of nameservers to point to.

There is a small chance that one of our two registrars will sponsor this
domain, if so it would be for free, but I won't guarantee that. If not,
Gandi (our other domain registrar) seems to take up to 29€ for one year,
58€ for two years and 145€ for 5 years for it. Those would come out of
the Jenkins asset at SPI, and need the approval of the liasion (Hello,
Kohsuke Kawaguchi :) ).

bye, Joerg

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