[Jenkins-infra] Here I am

Olivier Vernin olivier at vernin.me
Thu Dec 22 17:08:07 UTC 2016


Some people asked me to introduce myself as I am spending more and more time on Jenkins Infra project.

So here I am:

My name is Olivier aka Olblak on IRC.

I am from Belgium (close to Brussels).

Depending on the hour of the day,

I use to hack/play/work on (Cloud)Infrastructure project.

I like programming (mainly Ruby) and I am interested by Infrastructure as Code tools, good practices,...

I love sharing chocolates, beers and playing boardgames.

Recently I joined Cloudbees where I have the opportunity to work part of my time on Jenkins Infra Project.

Usually you can find me around events in Belgium like Fosdem or meetups so ping me around there.

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