[Jenkins-infra] Jenkins' Jira won't stop sending de-watched issue updates to my email

Rajpaul Bagga brocarl at live.ca
Fri Jan 22 14:17:13 UTC 2016

To whom it may concern:

I need some help. A good long time ago I voted for, and started Watching, a Jira issue for Jenkins:

Job changes led to me no longer needing to be aware of the status of this issue, so I stopped Watching it. But I continued to receive issue updates as if I were still watching it. I even updated my profile email on issues.jenkins-ci.org to a junk value and yet I still receive email updates for this issue at this email address.

Can someone please clean that up so I stop getting updates? That ticket has recently seen a flood of new activity which is getting bothersome. I'd rather not have to report it as spam. 

My profile username on that site is "rajpaul". This email is the one at which I receive these updates (brocarl at live.ca).

My thanks to whoever can look at this. Please note, I have not subscribed to your jenkins-infra mailing list so any replies would need to be sent to me personally.

Have a great weekend everyone.

-Rajpaul Bagga

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