[Jenkins-infra] Scheduled infrastructure maintenance window June 3 00:00 UTC

R. Tyler Croy tyler at monkeypox.org
Tue Jun 7 17:35:27 UTC 2016

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On Tue, 07 Jun 2016, Joe Hansche wrote:

> Did anything about this change the way JIRA login is authenticated?  I've
> tried my usual username and password, and it reports that it's wrong.  When
> I try to reset my password, I am not receiving the email.  The reset
> password page also states that you can enter the email address associated
> with your account, and neither of my 2 email addresses worked -- but if I
> try to create a new account with my usual user id, it says it's already
> taken (as it should, because it's me)
> I log in so rarely that I don't know the last time that it worked.
> The account I'm trying to log in as is Joe Hansche, meant to be the
> assignee on https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-35429.  I received
> the email notification for that new issue, but I am unable to log in to
> comment on it.

What likely happened is that your account password was reset
(https://jenkins.io/blog/2016/04/22/possible-infra-compromise/) a couple months
ago and was never properly reset.

Based on your account information, it looks like your notification email in
JIRA is not the same as your account's email in https://accounts.jenkins.io

If the notification email in JIRA is the correct one, I can update accounts app
for you and initiate a new password reset.

- R. Tyler Croy

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