[Jenkins-infra] [GSoC2016] Jenkins Usage Statistics Analysis

Payal Priyadarshini payal.pri94 at gmail.com
Tue May 31 15:02:22 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone,

In my previous mail, I shared a project algo discussion doc
where I got few suggestions but I thought it would be more conventional to
share a detailed design document so that everyone gets a detailed idea
about the project in more clear way.

You may find the complete design document along with the detailed design of
all use-cases with their implementation details here.

As this project involves playing around with the Jenkins-usage data and
generating some exciting statistics about the Jenkins installations, it
would be very helpful if everyone could pitch in their suggestions and

And one more thing, is anyone experienced with Google BigQuery APIs ? I am
facing some trouble with GoogleCredentials.

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to the suggestions.

Payal Priyadarshini
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