[Jenkins-infra] Board election (INFRA-536)

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Thu Oct 20 15:45:50 UTC 2016

> On 20.10.2016, at 17:03, nicolas de loof <nicolas.deloof at gmail.com> wrote:
> I prefer to use jenkins.io ID vs arbitrary string, so one can link to profile, github, gravatar, etc. 

No real need for any of this as there'll be a blog post or similar introduction articles on each candidate.

* You won't get around the need to have a custom URL as just linking to the GitHub profile or wiki profile will be pretty much useless in informing voters about the candidates.
* Since we're placing so much emphasis on company affiliation that we need a custom counting algorithm, we really should show this in the voting UI as well.

> just as a side note, writing votes log to a plain file doesn't make this solution "simpler", until we can ensure this file is persisted and has backups. IIUC we don't have such a guarantee with current hosting solution, do we ?

To clarify, the voting log can be a database or whatever else you want. It's just that there's no need to add the result computation to the account app.

I'd actually prefer if it was standalone to allow for easier independent verification. For example, Stack Overflow publish an anonymous voting record file that can be used as input to e.g. OpenSTV. Due to our custom algorithm, this won't be so easy to do, but it's still a useful goal to publish the voting record to allow for verification.

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