[Jenkins-infra] Board election (INFRA-536)

nicolas de loof nicolas.deloof at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 15:49:54 UTC 2016

2016-10-20 17:45 GMT+02:00 Daniel Beck <ml at beckweb.net>:

> > On 20.10.2016, at 17:03, nicolas de loof <nicolas.deloof at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > I prefer to use jenkins.io ID vs arbitrary string, so one can link to
> profile, github, gravatar, etc.
> No real need for any of this as there'll be a blog post or similar
> introduction articles on each candidate.
> Besides,
> * You won't get around the need to have a custom URL as just linking to
> the GitHub profile or wiki profile will be pretty much useless in informing
> voters about the candidates.
> * Since we're placing so much emphasis on company affiliation that we need
> a custom counting algorithm, we really should show this in the voting UI as
> well.


> > just as a side note, writing votes log to a plain file doesn't make this
> solution "simpler", until we can ensure this file is persisted and has
> backups. IIUC we don't have such a guarantee with current hosting solution,
> do we ?
> To clarify, the voting log can be a database or whatever else you want.
> It's just that there's no need to add the result computation to the account
> app.

right, but we don't have any safe storage but LDAP iiuc. Maybe Tyler can
provide more details ?

> I'd actually prefer if it was standalone to allow for easier independent
> verification. For example, Stack Overflow publish an anonymous voting
> record file that can be used as input to e.g. OpenSTV. Due to our custom
> algorithm, this won't be so easy to do, but it's still a useful goal to
> publish the voting record to allow for verification.

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