[Jenkins-infra] JIRA project for Blue Ocean

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Tue Apr 18 05:20:39 UTC 2017

> On 18.04.2017, at 01:28, James Dumay <jdumay at cloudbees.com> wrote:
> 	• We would like to use JIRA features, such as version tracking, to manage the lifecycle of our releases. We’ve had users re-opening tickets because they had seen them closed as fixed but they had not been released.

Seems beneficial to me to educate users on the meaning of 'fixed' in our tracker that's used consistently across core and most plugins, i.e. those issues are not necessarily released.

> 	• Track different components of Blue Ocean (there are quite a few now) using components, rather than abusing epics for this purpose (see our crazy board!)

There's no reason you cannot do that today, assuming these are plugins. And most seem to be.

> 	• Reduce namespace pollution for sprints. Daniel Beck has asked me to prefix sprint names with “Blue Ocean” to avoid collisions.

This applies across all projects. Note that I discovered the issue while managing issues in SECURITY, and prefix my "sprints" there with "SECURITY" for that reason.

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