[Jenkins-infra] Discussion about removing packages

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Wed Apr 26 13:35:17 UTC 2017

> On 25.04.2017, at 18:35, Oleg Nenashev <o.v.nenashev at gmail.com> wrote:
> It may be possible to imagine use-case when people get updated to 2.54 and then stuck if we do not delete the package. I do not care much about that for Weekly releases, but we may hit the same issue once Java 8 goes into LTS.

I don't understand this response.

The problem is that Debian doesn't choose a newer package due to the dependency, so gets one that is broken (old dependency declared, new dependency actual). We won't have this particular problem in LTS if we just use the then-current packaging, that correctly declares Java 8, for 2.~58.1.

Additionally, even letting Debian users install 2.53 by deleting or fixing 2.54 is a bad idea. The next security update is scheduled for today, and won't be available to those users, no matter what we do about 2.54.


Another indication we should just remove the Java dependency, like in the RPMs, and let users figure this out themselves. It's not our problem if there's no sane way to declare a Java dependency for Debian packages.

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