[Jenkins-infra] Proposal: Add optional "Released as" and "Stage Release" states to JIRA

Daniel Beck ml at beckweb.net
Mon Aug 14 15:38:11 UTC 2017

> On 14. Aug 2017, at 11:45, Oleg Nenashev <o.v.nenashev at gmail.com> wrote:

I'd be happy to add this to the workflow. Feedback seems positive, but let's wait a few more days first.

Would like to know:
- New state name? "Stage Release"
- Which transitions to add (probably from Closed, Resolved, Open, In Progress, and In Review) and what to call them.

We can probably just go with the boring but unambiguous 'Fixed and Unreleased' (new) and 'Fixed and Released' (the old 'Fixed'), and change transition labels accordingly to 'Resolve' and 'Resolve and Mark Released' or so...

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