[Jenkins-infra] Proposal: Add optional "Released as" and "Stage Release" states to JIRA

James Dumay jdumay at cloudbees.com
Tue Aug 15 07:19:54 UTC 2017

-1 JIRA was designed to have a project per software lifecycle. The fact 
that we have 1000 plugins in the same JENKINS project breaks all the nice 
things about JIRA, such as the Fixed For field and Versions, which was 
designed for this very problem.

On Monday, August 14, 2017 at 7:45:08 PM UTC+10, Oleg Nenashev wrote:
> Hi all,
> As a Jenkins user and contributor, I sometimes have difficulties when I 
> need to understand in which release the fix is available. GitHub commit 
> links from the bot help much, but it requires extra time to navigate across 
> commits and UI. In Jenkins core, Remoting and my plugins I would like to 
> make it more explicit:
> I propose to...
>    1. Modify workflow in the JENKINS project:
>       - Add a "Stage Release" state (or whatever similar name)
>       - Instead of "In Progress" => "Resolved", contributors can move 
>       integrated fixed into the "Stage Release" state.
>       - It may be helpful for components which do not release the 
>       integrated fixes immediately (e.g. Core, its modules, Remoting, Stapler, 
>       Blue Ocean, other plugins)
>       2. Add an optional "Released As" field to JIRA (type=String)
>       - When a contributor moves the issue to "Stage release", "Resolved" 
>       or "Closed" state, an optional field appears in the dialog
>       - If the field is non-empty, it will appear in the ticket header, 
>       hence users won't need to look into comments and commit histories
> This proposal could improve contributor and user experience, but the 
> proposed change is opt-in. 
> It does not make the field/state mandatory, hence the existing flows won't 
> be affected if the maintainers do not want to spend time on JIRA updates.
> Thanks in advance, 
> Oleg
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