[Jenkins-infra] One more, hopefully the last, request

Kohsuke Kawaguchi kk at kohsuke.org
Thu Dec 14 17:07:35 UTC 2017

Hello, JFrog folks,

I feel bad that I have a sudden burst of support requests on behalf of
repo.jenkins-ci.org. Hopefully this one is the last!

Between December 11 at 2 PM UTC, and December 13, 11 PM UTC, something
changed on this Artifactory instance (perhaps related to support requests
#73540 or #72947?) that causes the Maven indexer to take roughly 1.5 hrs to
complete, instead of the 15 minutes or less that it was for the past
several months. We poke the indexing API every 15 minutes, but instead of
succeeding every time, 5 out of 6 responses are error 500 and the message
"Another manual task org.artifactory.maven.index.MavenIndexerJob is still

Could you please investigate what is causing this, and restore the quick
Maven indexing schedule? The time for reindexing is currently on the
critical path on our ability to deliver security fixes to users, which is
why we care about this.

Thank you!

(For Jenkins folks in this email thread, on our side, this is being tracked
as INFRA-1436)
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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