[Jenkins-infra] [#73645] One more, hopefully the last, request

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Sat Dec 16 00:46:21 UTC 2017

Hello Kohsuke,
  In your request log we saw direst the api was called without specifying any repos. Note that indexing is resource intensive. Calculating and indexing for a repository may be a resource-intensive operation, especially for a large local repository or if the repository is a virtual one containing other underlying repositories.

  Therefore, we recommend that you do not include repositories that do not require indexing for a periodic index calculation. Since you poke the indexing API every 15 minutes against all your repo. If your repo has increased in size to a point where each indexing requests took more than 15 mins, you may see the 500 error. Can you refine your choice of repo in your scheduled api call?
Best regards,
Paul Pan
JFrog Support
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