[Jenkins-infra] German mirror of Jenkis

Marek Obuchowicz marek at korekontrol.eu
Mon Dec 18 11:30:53 UTC 2017

Dear Jenkins crew,

I have noticed that there’s no german mirror of Jenkins. I also have seen that there’s no correct mirroring of APT repositories, ie. The Spanish mirror only hosts .deb files – but can’t be added to apt repository.
If possible, I would like to offer my help on both topics. The company I work for (KoreKontrol Gemrnay) can offer you hosting, if we agree on bandwidth expectations etc.

Please let me know if I can be anykind of helpful. We use Jenkins a lot for our customers and will be very happy to have a chance to contribute.

Best regards,
  Marek Obuchowicz
  KoreKontrol - System and data architecture consulting
  +49 174 8863858 / +41 786 738 755

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