[Jenkins-infra] Kubernetes orchestrator project

Olblak me at olblak.com
Fri Feb 3 10:08:35 UTC 2017


I am bootstrapping a project to manage a Kubernetes clusters created by
I am interested by feedbacks or ideas.
Right now, I can deploy monitoring agent (datadog) and logging
-> https://github.com/olblak/k8s

I choose to use Kubectl over puppet to manage k8s cluster
as it's easier to follow the documentation and to write configuration
files in yaml.
Another good point for kubectl, it's idempotent.
But I am still wondering how to share/manage secrets.

If you are interested to test this project:
You first need to,
1) Have access to an azure account and correctly configured by
        https://github.com/jenkins-infra/azure as we use azure resources
        (shared disk storage,log analytics,...)
2) Have Kubectl installed
3) Have Azure-cli installed (used to generate secrets files).
4) Create an .env file in k8s project according documentation

Then you can use following command to apply configurations

make init (Create secrets configuration files)
make apply (Apply configurations)
make status (Display pods)

Normally it shouldn't be difficult to deploy and test (crossed fingers)

Btw, If some people want to speak about it, I'll be at Fosdem this


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